The complete HR Solution to help protect your business.Legal-books

Rudlings Wakelam, Lovewell Blake, and Miles Vartan Consultancy have come together to provide a complete HR Solution minimising the major risks that your business may face.

Legal Employment Advice – Rudlings Wakelam – Tel: 01284 755771

As an employer it is crucial for you to be aware of the rights of your employees and to be certain that you have all of the correct documentation together with appropriate policies and procedures in place. If not, you run the risk of exposing your business to time consuming and expensive employment claims as well as damaging the morale and team spirit of your work force.

Pay Roll Advice – Lovewell Blake Accountants Ltd – Tel: 01842 755032

We will take care of your pay roll on your behalf, making sure that the correct payments are made on time and that the appropriate National Insurance Contributions and PAYE deductions are made.

Health & Safety – Miles Vartan Consultancy Ltd – Tel: 01473 276175  Mobile: 07879 695077

It is essential that your business adheres to current health & Safety legislation and that you deliver the requisite duty of care to your employees and others. Our specialist consultants will visit your place of work, get a good understanding as to how your organisation is directed and controlled and undertake a comprehensive health & safety audit to test compliance against legislation.

A comprehensive pack will soon be available, for further information please contact Steven McGrath on 01842 757433