Engaging a solicitor to represent you throughout litigation can cost several thousands of pounds. Unfortunately, given the cost rules that apply to Small Claims, it is incredibly rare to recover these costs from the opponent. This can mean even a victory can leave you out of pocket.

These cost implications mean too many parties ‘give up’, even when they have a strong case. Both individuals and businesses worry about legal costs spiralling out of control so are wary about seeking legal assistance. However, many lack the confidence to represent themselves in Court.

To address this dilemma, Rudlings Wakelam is delighted to offer a fixed fee service to enable you to confidently handle your Small Claim as a litigant in person for just £395+VAT.

This service is available to both Claimants and Defendants and to private individuals, partnerships and limited companies. It is designed to provide you with a working knowledge of the relevant law and a sound understanding of the relevant procedure to maximise your success as a litigant in person. It includes:

  • Brief assessment of suitability of small claims package
  • Initial interview with fully qualified and specialist solicitor
  • Preparation of Claim form and Particulars of Claim (if you are the Claimant) or Acknowledgement of Service, Defence and counterclaim (if you are the Defendant)
  • Assistance completing a Request for Judgment
  • Assistance completing Allocation Questionnaire
  • Self-help guide to drafting witness statements including pro-forma examples
  • Self-help guide to production of Court bundles and presentation of evidence
  • Assistance completing a Pre-Trial Checklist (if required)
  • Conduct guide for small claims hearings
  • Ongoing telephone administrative support

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