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    Legal Advice for Doctors and Medical Practices

    Dedicated and Specialist Advice

    We act for a wide variety of general practitioners around the county and of varying sizes. We offer impartial and objective legal advice regarding the vast majority of situations experienced by the sole practitioner doctor as well as the more complex legal issues facing multi-practitioner general practices. This often includes dealing with partnership changes, practice mergers and sales or purchases as well as employment matters that may arise.

    Retirement and Pensions

    If you are looking towards retirement it is important to ensure that the pathway is carefully paved at the earliest opportunity. For example, for those looking to take advantage of a 24 hour retirement, the process could take up to 6 months depending on your individual needs and circumstances. It is therefore important that you obtain specialist legal and financial advice with this in mind as changes to the structure of your practice may be necessary prior to retirement.

    Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in assisting GPs with retirement of NHS practitioners. Please feel free to get in touch for a no obligation conversation.

    Acquisitions and Disposals

    Whether you are taking on a new partner, merging with another provider, our experienced lawyers will work closely with you to provide strategic advice throughout the transaction. This will include dealing with the transfer of the medical services contract and information on the CQC requirements.

    A recent trend has seen GPs taking advantage of the goodwill locked up in internal dispensaries which has led to a rise in transaction numbers and stimulated some initial growth in the market. Our experienced advisers will be able to discuss this with you in more details should it be relevant to your circumstances.

    Property Transactions

    Our lawyers are also able to assist with property transactions, including dealing with leases, the transfer of freehold property or refinancing existing property.

    Latest Developments in Employment Law

    Our legal advice can be tailored to an individual doctor or a multi-partner practice and covers all aspects of Employment Law. Common examples are issues such as unfair dismissal, the application of TUPE, redundancy, wrongful dismissal, maternity rights and health and safety law.

    We can also advise you more generally on matters such as employment or locum agreements and pharmacy staff.

    Partnership Agreements

    We offer effective advice on preparing agreements for partners, salaried GP’s and other staff when joining or leaving the practice. We can either review existing documents or prepare a bespoke partnership agreement for you depending on your specific situation.

    Assistance Regarding Disputes

    We recognise that unfortunately disputes can arise in even the best run practices. Our lawyers can focus parties on the key legal topics and if desired take cases on the practice’s behalf and look to reach a suitable agreement taking into account all relevant laws and regulatory matters specific to the medical sector.

    Advice on Financial Aspects of Running a Doctor’s Practice

    We regularly provide invaluable advice on practice funding. We offer specialist legal guidance on the best means to fund new G.P practice buy-ins, as well as how to achieve effective valuations, surgery leases and practice mergers.

    As one of the largest assets of the Practice is the GMS or PMS contract. We are happy to liaise and advise you on the contract negotiations with the NHS when the need arises.