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    Legal Advice for the Dental Sector

    Impartial and Expert Advice

    With decades of experience in the dental sector, our specialist lawyers assist dentists around the country on a wide range of transactions, from disposals and acquisitions to advice on partnership and corporate structures and NHS retirement. We are proud to work very closely with CODE UK, who play a huge role in supporting dental practitioners and their practices.

    Acquisitions and Disposals

    Our dental lawyers appreciate that dentists have very little spare time. From an early stage we can help you plan your sale or purchase, ensuring that the process runs smoothly and as quickly as the circumstances allow. By instructing us as early as possible you can be assured that you are getting high-quality legal advice in a highly regulated sector. There are very few other areas in which specialist advice is as valuable as the dental sector, where incorrect advice can prove so damaging to your business.

    As part of the process we regularly deal with both NHS and private practices. We are experienced in the interpretation of GDS and PDS contracts, as well as UDAs and UOAs and in advising you as to which appropriate legal route to pursue.

    We will guide you through the information provided throughout the transaction, make the necessary applications to the NHS and provide guidance on CQC requirements.

    Latest Developments in Employment Law

    Our legal advice can be tailored to an individual dentist or orthodontist or a multi-partner practice. Common examples are issues such as unfair dismissal, redundancy, wrongful dismissal, maternity rights and health and safety law. Associates will be key to any practice and it is important that all staff have properly drafted contracts which meet your requirements and also comply with employment laws and NHS requirements where necessary. You should be weary of the “all in one” HR companies who lock your business in to multiyear services contracts. Our employment lawyers can provide a review of any existing agreements and contracts as well as advising on whether any improvements are necessary in this rapidly developing sector.

    Partnership Agreements and Expense-sharing Agreements

    There are many ways you can structure your business, whether you are an NHS or private practice. It is important thought is given to this even though it may not seem of much use at the time. A well drafted agreement (whether partnership, shareholder, expense-sharing) will regulate the day to day running of your business but more importantly will guide you through any disputes that may arise with minimal impact on the value of your business.

    It may alternatively be prudent to consider a ‘soft’ incorporation or subcontracting of your NHS contract to your limited company. These structures can be highly tax beneficial and our lawyers can act quickly to implement your desired arrangement.

    Property Transactions and Finance

    You may be looking to relocate or expand into a new freehold or leasehold premises, or refinance your existing practice. We can provide a comprehensive service, no matter how simple or complex, and work closely with a range of brokers and lenders in the healthcare sector.

    Retirement and Pensions

    If you are looking towards retirement it is important to ensure that the pathway is carefully paved at the earliest opportunity. For example, for those looking to take advantage of a 24 hour retirement, the process could take up to 6 months depending on your individual needs and circumstances. It is therefore important that you obtain specialist legal and financial advice with this in mind.

    Our dental lawyers have a wealth of experience in assisting with retirement of NHS practitioners. Please feel free to get in touch for a no obligation conversation.

    Dispute Resolution

    We can focus parties on the key legal topics and if desired take cases on your behalf, including all aspects of Partnership Law, Employment Law, Contract Law and regulatory matters applicable to those operating in the dental sector.

    Advice on Financial Aspects of Running a Practice

    We regularly provide invaluable advice on practice funding. We offer specialist legal guidance on the best means to fund surgery acquisitions, as well as how to achieve effective valuations, sale and leaseback arrangements and practice mergers. We have close ties with banks, brokers and financial advisers to assist you in reaching your aspirations.

    A Legal Health Check for a Fixed Fee

    We are happy to put together a competitive quotation to review any of your legal paperwork or to provide more general legal advice as to what documentation we think your dental practice should consider using. Please contact us for more information.