How to pay your bill

How to pay your bill

When you instruct us to act for you your legal advisor will discuss with you the likely costs of the matter. To help you budget we will generally ask for money to be paid on account towards our costs and any disbursements which may be necessary. 

Each month we will endeavour to assess your costs and if they have reached the level of the moneys you have paid on account we will send you a bill for your information and we will request further funds to be paid on account.

We can help you set up a standing order to transfer a set amount each month which can be set off against your costs at the end of the matter.

We can offer you various ways to pay your bill. We will accept cheques either over the counter at our receptions or through the post. Alternatively we are very happy to accept cash but suggest that you do not send cash through the post as there is a risk that this might be stolen before it reaches us.

If you prefer you can pay your bill by Credit Card. You simply need to contact our accounts department by telephone and they will be able to take payment from you.

If cash flow is an issue for you another method worth considering is to take a loan out at the beginning of your matter to cover your legal costs. Many high street banks and other credit companies will consider lending money for this purpose, and the loan can either be secured on a property you may own or unsecured.

Before taking out any loan we recommend that you speak to an Independent Financial Advisor in order to get a full idea of the costs involved and the various credit rates available.