New electrical safety standards; Have you made the change?

Electrical Regulations

You may or may not be aware that in England as of 1st June 2020, new regulations regarding electrical safety standards in the private sector came into force. ‘Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020 (SI 2020/312)’

What does this mean for landlords, tenants and local authorities?

Landlords must take note of the changes to avoid any potential liabilities and to ensure that they are adhering to the new regulations. If a tenant has signed a tenancy agreement on or after 1st June 2020, then the new regulations will immediately apply to that agreement.

Regarding existing contracts, it means that landlords have approximately 11 months to ensure that new compliances are met. However, it is highly recommended that landlords act immediately before entering into any new tenancy agreements.

What is the guidance for landlords?

The guidance for landlord’s states that it will be the landlord’s duty to find a “qualified and competent” person to inspect the property at least every five years and provides assistance on how landlords can choose a “qualified and competent” person. The guidance confirms that a landlord will not be in breach of duty to comply with a remedial notice if the landlord can show it has taken all reasonable steps to comply. For step by step guidance, you can visit the website to provide you with helpful information.

What is the guidance for tenants?

The guidance for tenants includes what to check to assess whether the Regulations cover the home, what will be inspected and tested (which are the “fixed” electrical parts of the property), what will happen during the electrical inspection and what will occur after the investigation.

Further advice. provides landlords with clear, step by step guidance and advice on what needs to be done, how to select the correct electrician to do the job and much more.

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