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    Rudlings Wakelam have a specialist Mental Health department.

    Under the Mental Health Act 1983, the authorities have the powers to prescribe treatment for individuals judged to be mentally disordered. They can also be detained in hospital against their will.

    However, you can seek legal advice and assistance in relation to such orders. You should ensure you select a solicitor who is a member of the Law Society’s Mental Health Panel who will be familiar with this type of specialist work.

    Our Mental Health Department offers advice and guidance to people who are detained under Mental Health Act and subject to community-based orders such as CTOs and Guardianship

    We advise on all aspects of Mental Health Law to patients and their relatives including:

    • Legal representation at the First-Tier Tribunal (Mental Health)
    • Attendance at Hospital Managers Hearings
    • Attendance at Section 117 and CPA meetings
    • Medication and treatment issues
    • Assistance with applications for Judicial Review to challenge unlawful  detention

    The vast majority of our legal advice is available entirely free of charge to clients through the Legal Aid Agency. A small amount of our work may need to be means-tested but we will advise you on this when we meet with you.

    Our clients are amongst the most vulnerable people in society, which is why we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of advice and support at all times. Compulsory detention under the Mental Health Act can be a deeply distressing event both for the patient and their relatives.  We pride ourselves on building a relationship of trust with our clients, some of who have remained with us for many years.

    We have three accredited Law Society Panel Members who are able to act in emergency situations and at very short notice. We cover hospitals across East Anglia, parts of the Midlands, the South East, London, the South West and Wales. Where clients find themselves being moved to other hospitals,  we are happy to consider taking instructions right across the country. Our team consists of  Scott Coupland and Rachel Nkonyereza, all of whom have many years experience of representing both unrestricted and restricted patients.

    Mental Health & Capacity

    Around one in four of us will experience mental health and capacity issues during our lifetimes. This might be temporary in nature such as some forms of depression or permanent such as dementia.

    There can be huge stigma attached to mental health issues and many people experience discrimination as a result of their illness. We are here to help and support you through all aspects of your situation so that you need not feel alone.

    If you require further information please contact our Mental health Team