The Peddars Way Charity Walk

The Peddars Way Charity Walk

(Its a long walk to work!)

Pictured David Wilson, Geof Young and Hattie

On the 28th July 2007 David Wilson, Geof Young and Hattie (David’s dog) completed their walk of the Peddars Way. The Peddars Way is a footpath that starts at Holme-next the-Sea Norfolk and ends at Knettishall Heath Suffolk, comprising of a total distance of 49 miles.

David, Geof and Hattie completed the journey in 17 hours and 2 minutes, they set off at 04:28 and completed the journey at 21:31. Hattie did not quite complete the whole journey as she was lifted into the car at Castle Acre having run at least 40 miles. She did however rejoin David and Geof to complete the last mile.

David and Geof both would like to thank everyone for their sponsorship donations and would like to give a special thanks to Maggie (Geof’s wife), who got up a 02:00 on Saturday morning and met with the walkers every couple of hours to provide tea and encouragement.

They would also like to thank Joan, Peter (Doctor Death – the things he can do with blisters), Ruth Steve, Fizz, Ellie John, Marion, Angela, Daisy, Corrie and Ross for meeting up with them during the day and again at Knettishall Heath to welcome them at the finish.

David and Geof have reported that the total amount that they raised was £1,400.00 and this has recently been donated to the East Anglia’s Children’s Hospice.

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