Helping to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support

The SoberSisters 2013

Fiona Ashmead, one of the SoberSisters, helps raise over £1000 for MacMillan Cancer Support.

7 days after the finish of the GoSober for October MacMillan challenge, with most of the money and promises gathered in, the Sober Sisters not only raised over £1000 between them, but they are still sober! (The campaign total so far has raised an amazing £1,660,353.32).

All three ladies appear to have felt so much better from their ‘alcohol free’ session that they have decided to extend the experience that little bit longer. Fiona Ashmead who is busy studying for further legal qualifications has decided to forego alcohol until all the exams are over. Julie MacLeod has continued to lose weight, looking and feeling good and thinks she may go until Christmas. Aggie Redpath, who still hasn’t lost any weight, decided she might go back to an occasional drink and try not to sample quite so many of her tempting recipes.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported Fiona with this challenge.

For further information on the campaign, GoSober for October visit:

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