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    Do you know someone who is a victim of domestic abuse…. Our Family Team can Lonely-Childprovide urgent help and support, at a fixed cost or with the benefit of legal aid where appropriate.

    Domestic Abuse is not just limited to violence. It can also take the form of control, verbal abuse, isolation from family and friends and it can affect anybody in a close relationship. Sadly, domestic abuse also occurs in teenage relationships and statistics show that 16-19 year old girls are the group most likely to suffer. Only very recently has the definition of domestic abuse been extended to include 16-17 year olds. It is vital that victims, and those supporting them, are clear about what constitutes abuse so they seek the support they need at an early stage and do not suffer in silence.

    Our specialist family team have years of experience of dealing with such sensitive and confidential matters and can help you obtain the protection and peace of mind you need.

    Such cases often require urgent applications to court with orders being made within 24 hours of receiving instruction to include attending court with you.

    If you have been accused of domestic abuse we can also assist you and explain the impact of such allegations and the possible steps you can take. We will check if you are eligible for legal aid and if not, we have a fixed fee structure in place to cover the costs of such proceedings.

    Domestic-Viol-AwarenessWe work closely with domestic abuse agencies, local authorities and medical professionals to ensure you are fully aware of all the support networks that will help you plan for both the immediate and long term future.

    Domestic Violence Scheme Suffolk

    We are here to help!

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