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    Civil PartnershipsWedding-Rings

    The Civil Partnership Act gives civil partners virtually the same rights as married couples. We advise clients who are considering entering into a civil partnership and also those whose civil partnership has broken down.

    If you are thinking about entering into a civil partnership, it is advisable to consider entering into a pre-registration agreement. This is similar to a pre-nuptial agreement and although not currently legally binding, a pre-registration agreement can stipulate what is intended in relation to assets acquired prior to the beginning of the relationship.

    If children are involved, a parental responsibility agreement can clarify relationships and protect the child’s interests.

    Should the relationship break down, we can act on your behalf in any financial and child-related issues.

    Other issues to consider –


    When a relationship breaks down, the pension or pensions are often the largest asset second to the family home. Many married couples and civil partners do not realise that they are entitled to seek a share in their partner’s pension.

    If you think your pension forms a significant asset, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible. We will act to protect your interests while seeking to achieve a fair and reasonable resolution, as part of the wider financial settlement.

    Business Interest

    Whilst business interests may form part of the partnership or marital pot this does not mean that any business or businesses will have to be sold.

    The family team at Rudlings Wakelam are highly experienced in dealing with relationship breakdown where businesses and business assets are involved.

    If you wish to talk to someone about Civil Partnerships, please contact any of our offices