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    Our equestrian department provides confident and effective assistance across a range of issues. We can advise on the following:

    • Equine Property and Planning
    • Contractual Agreements
    • Personal Injury
    • Sale of Goods/Consumer Rights Claims
    • Professional Negligence
    • Employment
    • Other Disputes

    Property of Planning

     With nearly half a million horse owning households in the UK, desirable equine property remains in high demand. Our Equine solicitors have a proven track record of advising the rural community on property matters and are well equipped to provide specialist property services for clients looking for purchase, lease or sell property with equine facilities. We offer a personal service and understand the requirements the equestrian sector has when acquiring a property.

    You can ask for our advice on a broad range of issues including:

    • Landlord and tenant
    • Sale and purchase of equestrian property
    • Equestrian business tenancies
    • Grazing rights and licences
    • Rights of Way
    • Boundary disputes
    • Planning requirements for equestrian facilities

    Contractual Agreements

    Verbal contracts are binding but they can be notoriously difficult to prove in the absence of written evidence. Our equine team can provide bespoke legal agreements for all types of equestrian matters, including:

    • Livery
    • Purchase or loan or horses or equipment
    • Riding schools
    • Grazing

    Personal Injury and Damage Claims

    Whether you have been injured while working with horses, when falling off or training a horse or your horse or equipment has been injured or damaged, our specialist advisors have the knowledge and experience to provide you with advice and help you claim compensation where possible. Our team’s expertise covers:

    • Injuries at work
    • Road Traffic Accidents
    • Clinical and Veterinary negligence
    • Sporting injuries

    Sale of Goods / Consumer Rights Act Claims

    If you recently bought on a horse following specific statements which were made about it by the advert or its previous owner which turned out not to be true. If this is the case, you may be entitled to make a claim against the seller.

    Alternatively, if you are a seller and a purchaser is threatening to make a claim against you which you believe is unfair, we may be able to help you defend it.

    If you regularly buy or sell horses, our team can help you draft contracts for sale which help prevent these sorts of problems arising.

    Professional Negligence

    When your horse in injured, it can be a very distressing time and one where you place a lot of trust in the vets who look after your animal. Unfortunately, it is possible that mistakes are made that your horse is worse off from following a vet’s advice or procedure. If this is the case, our department can advise you on whether there is likely to have been negligence involved and whether you can make a claim for your losses.

    Other issues that may benefit from equestrian specialist advice that our solicitors can offer: 

    • Debt recovery
    • Import and export of horses
    • Employment disputes and contracts
    • Liability limitation
    • Sale and purchase of equestrian businesses
    • Health and Safety at Equestrian premises