Debt Recovery Litigation

No debt recovery matter is ever the same, so the cost for Rudlings Solicitors LLP Debt Recovery service will depend on the value and complexity of your matter. This guide sets out how our charges are calculated and gives an indication of how much a typical case is likely to cost.

Factors that could make a case more complex include:

  • The debtor submits a defence to your claim
  • The claim becomes lengthy and drawn out
  • The claim is otherwise more complicated
  • Enforcement action is needed

Our Charges

Our charges consist of professional fees which are charged at an hourly rate depending on the seniority of the fee earner and the level of specialist knowledge required. Time spent on your matter will be charged in units of one tenth of an hour. VAT is charged on our professional fees at the current standard rate. Our fee earner hourly rates are:

Senior Partner

Associate Solicitor


Paralegal/Trainee Solicitor







Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, such as court fees, and Counsel’s fees where needed. We handle the payments of all disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process. All applicable court fees are published in Form EX50 which is available on the Government’s website.

Counsel are often used for drafting Court proceedings in more complicated matters. Their fees will vary depending on the complexity of the matter but are typically £1,000 – £1,500 plus VAT per instruction for pleadings. We will always obtain a quote before instructing Counsel.


Typical Costs for Issuing Court Proceedings

These costs apply where your claim relates to an unpaid invoice which is not disputed and where no enforcement action is required. If further work is necessary, we will provide you with revised fee advice ahead of any additional costs being incurred. This could be on a fixed fee basis or an hourly rate, depending on the nature of the work involved.

Debt value Court fees Professional fees VAT Total
£300 or less £35 £100 £20 £120
£301-£500 £50 £100 £20 £170
£501-£1000 £70 £175 £35 £280
£1001-£1500 £80 £175 £35 £290
£1501-£3000 £115 £175 £35 £325
£3001-£5000 £205 £250 £50 £505
£5001-£10000 £455 £350 £70 £875
£10001-£25000 5% of claim value £500 £100 £1100-£1850
£25001-£100000 5% of claim value £750 £150 £2150-£5900


These figures are intended as a guide only. The overall cost of your matter will depend on many factors, including the amount and type of evidence needed, the complexity of the dispute, the nature of any defences raised, and/or whether any counterclaims are raised and level of involvement the client wishes to have.

Please note that the VAT element of our fees cannot be reclaimed from your debtor if you are registered for VAT.

Key Stages of Debt Recovery Litigation

  • Taking your initial instructions, reviewing any associated documentation, and completing our onboarding processes
  • Undertaking any necessary searches and providing written advice where required
  • Drafting and sending a Letter of Claim
  • Receiving payment and forwarding it to you if the debt is paid
  • Drafting and issuing the claim form if the debt is not paid
  • Applying to the court for judgment in default if no payment or Acknowledgment of Service is received
  • Writing to the debtor to demand payment once the judgment in default is received

If the debt is still not recovered, we will provide you with guidance on the next steps and likely costs. Disputed Debt Recovery can be complex, and circumstances can change, which may result in additional costs being incurred. We would inform you at the earliest opportunity if this were likely to be the case.

Estimated Timescales

Debt recovery claims typically take one to three months from instruction to judgment if the debt is uncontested. However disputed debts and more complex matters may take significantly longer.