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    Moving Home

    Moving home is an exciting time but does need careful organisation to make sure it goes as smoothly as it can.

    As your Solicitors we will handle all the legal paperwork for you but you will need to deal with all the practical issues that will arise in a house move.

    We set out the key items you need to deal with. We have not put a timetable on this as the conveyancing process does not set a completion date until contracts are exchanged and as completion dates are negotiated between the parties, this could range from a matter of days to a few weeks.

    One point we would advise is not becoming involved in setting a precise date at the start of a transaction as there will be many factors which you may not be aware of at the start of the transaction and may make the agreed date unachievable.

    Check List of people to inform of your move

    • Banks – always do this one first as other institutions like to check detail with your bank(s)
    • Financial providers
    • Credit card providers
    • Dentist and Doctor
    • Post Office – change of address to catch all    the post you may not think of or hear from regularly
    • Utility providers
    • Local Council for community charge
    • Library
    • All online retailers you have an account with
    • Mobile phone provider
    • Car insurance company
    • DVLA – you could face a steep fine if you do not change your details
    • Magazine/Newspaper subscriptions
    • Vets
    • School(s)