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    Buying a house

    When buying a Property-

    1. When buying a property always bear in mind that the term ‘buyer beware’ applies. If you do not investigate all issues thoroughly before you buy, you may have no claim if something goes wrong afterwards.
    1. We advise you to have a survey carried out, either a Building Survey or a Homebuyers Report. This will cost money but could save you thousands in the long term. A valuation carried out by your mortgage company is just that, a valuation; it will not look at any structural issues, and you may never get to see it.
    1. Always consider having the heating system or boiler checked out by a professional before you exchange Contracts. The same principle applies to sewerage treatment systems. It could cost you a lot of money if they go wrong after you move in and the Seller is unlikely to tell you if they are not working properly.
    1. We will give you a plan of the property. Please check this against the actual boundaries on the ground. If there are any discrepancies you must point this out to us immediately.
    1. Please look to see if the property has been altered or extended in any way. Some changes may need Planning Permission or Building Regulations Consent, so inform us of any alterations or extensions so we can then check with the Sellers that the relevant Consents have been obtained.
    1. Always inspect the property just before you exchange Contracts. You will contract to buy the property in the state it is in at exchange and this may not be the same as when you first saw it!
    1. Never agree a completion date with the Seller before you have spoken to us. Sometimes the whole process can be very quick but other times, because you are part of a chain or are buying a leasehold property for example, it can take longer.
    1. Always use the estate agent. They are there to sell the property and therefore will help in any way they can to do this. They can chase the progress with the rest of the chain by calling the other agents or solicitors.
    1. Keep us informed of any specific queries or needs that you may have. If we know that you have particular requirements we will endeavour to ensure that these are met. For example, if you intend on extending the property we will need to check the title to ensure there are no restrictions preventing you doing so on completion.
    1. Many times it is the lack of a mortgage offer which holds up exchange of Contracts. Keep in regular contact with your Mortgage Company or broker to get progress updates. You are paying them for their service, so make sure you receive it.
    1. At the end of the matter keep the Property Report we send you. This will continue to be useful to you throughout your ownership of the property and can also save you money and time when you come to sell in the future, as it includes a lot of relevant information for a sale.
    1. If you make any alterations to the property once you have moved in always check with the Local Authority to see if you need Planning Permission or Building Regulations Consent. Always keep copies of all documents as this will save you time and money when you come to sell.
    1. Lastly, remain calm. Buying a house can be stressful but we are here to help as much as we can. Please call if you have any queries or concerns – don’t let them give you sleepless nights.