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    Child MattersSad-Child

    Matters involving children and courts can be stressful and difficult to understand as far as the law is concerned. This leaflet gives an overview of some of the common areas that are dealt with by the family courts and offers advice as to how you can deal with these situations.

    Child Arrangement Order

    Where parents cannot agree the arrangements for their children the first step to be taken would be a referral to mediation, which often enables parents to resolve their differences.

    In those cases where mediation is not successful either parent can apply for a Child Arrangement Order – which will specify where a child will live and the time the child will spend with the parent they are not living with.

    Special Guardianship Order

    A Special Guardianship order is an order that can be granted to non-parent family members who care for children whilst allowing children to retain a relationship with their natural parents. It allows the carer in whose favour it is made to make day to day decisions on behalf of the child without needing to consult with the parents, and may provide for financial and/or other support by the Local Authority. It is also an order that requires permission of the court to challenge.

    Prohibited Steps Order

    Sometimes it is necessary to apply to the courts when you require a specific issue to be addressed by the court, for example should a child’s surname be changed? It may also be necessary to apply to the courts urgently to prohibit a particular action in respect of a child, for example to prevent somebody leaving the country with the child, this is known as a Prohibited Steps Order.

    How We Can Help

    1. We have a dedicated team of Lawyers with specific expertise and experience in this area, who are members of Resolution, accredited specialists in children matters and a member of the Law Society’s Children Panel.
    2. We are able to assist in resolving these issues through Collaborative law.
    3. We can assist in setting up mediation processes.
    4. We are able to fully advise and represent you in relation to applications to court.
    5. We endeavor to explain all our advice in jargon free plain English.
    6. We can assist with drawing up agreements in relation to contact.

    If you would like to talk to someone, please contact any of our offices