COVID19 hasn’t stopped us from advising dentists!

Recently Henry Nydam of Rudlings was part of a select panel of experts providing advice to over 900 dentists through a webinar. 

Finding themselves unable to claim for business rate relief dentists have put forward business interruption claims only to be met with a refusal to pay out by insurers. This has resulted in uncertainty and potential financial strain on the dental industry. 

With concerning times ahead, Henry has been part of a team who are advising a collective of over 2,200 dentists formed by Laith Abbas and Manny Matharu about the best way that dental practices can approach this concerning issue.

The webinar also made national news! Featuring in The Telegraph, you can find the full article here.

If you were one of the many dentists that enjoyed the webinar and would now like further advice from Henry, then please contact

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All of our teams work closely together, sharing ideas and challenging current thinking – pushing the boundaries to deliver you an excellent legal service. For over 90 years, we have found that this approach works. Our service is founded on strong and long lasting relationships with our clients that are built on trust, and our clients return to us as their ‘trusted advisor’ time and time again throughout their lives.

At Rudlings Wakelam, we do not only strive to do things right but to do the right thing.
When you become a client, we promise to:

  • provide you with the highest standards of client service
  • be open, approachable and friendly
  • treat you with respect and dignity at all times
  • work with you to achieve the best outcome for you
  • provide you with advice that is practical and clear
  • ensure that quality is at the forefront of everything we do for you
  • ensure that our fees are transparent, with no hidden surprises

We have 3 offices across East Anglia – Bury St Edmunds, Brandon and Thetford.

We have 4 partners, 25 other solicitors and support staff and offer a broad portfolio of services to our clients, whether they are individuals, businesses or organisations.

We have a reputation for being a friendly, approachable and forward thinking practice that truly does provide advice through every aspect of your life.

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